Damas (and Pas): Chinese elders leading active lives
6 Nov 2018
Damas (and Pas): Chinese elders leading active lives

China’s elderly traditionally spend their retirement looking after grandchildren and socialising with family. However, as more younger generations move away, Chinese retirees are creating new lifestyles of their own with hobby-based physical routines to ward off loneliness and stay active.

Jiao Yu Min

Jiao Yu Min is an activity coordinator at The Renmin Da Elderly Community Service Center and a retiree who has chosen a line of work that allowed her to be directly involved in producing quality of life for the Beijing community.

Adam Gao

Adam Gao is an expert at the Chinese Academy of Gerontology and Geriatrics. His work is focused on longevity and public awareness of the problems that face the aging community in China.

Liz Yang

Liz Yang is Marketing Director for the Tang Dou. Tang Dou is an application with square dancing tutorials and exercises video that are very popular in the elderly community.

Heather Dickson

Heather Dickson is a video journalist based in Beijing. She seeks out the people and cases that are less accessible – sex trade workers, refugees, hip-hop dancing grannies, orphans – and puts the truth of their stories into words and visuals.