What’s so Zen about imperfection?
2 Feb 2017
What’s so Zen about imperfection?

Whether it's chipped furniture, ‘ugly’ food or unconventional beauty, societal mindsets are shifting to a greater acceptance of imperfection. With Eastern spirituality influencing Western lifestyles, can the spirit of Zen help brands connect with a generation that’s done trying to be perfect?

Shabana Ebrahem

With over 15 years of experience mapping cultural shifts and trends, Shabana Ebrahem helps brands better contextualise contemporary lifestyle and wellbeing narratives. She's a trusted industry advisor, idea curator, practitioner, and educator, skilled in trend application, research, and cultural insight. Ebrahem has designed and led pivotal foresight and market intelligence projects for leading brands in the UK and globally across industries, including beauty, supplement health, consumer electronics, and retail – making her a go-to specialist for several leading companies.