Asda’s wonky veg box: fighting food waste with discounts

It’s not often that a cardboard container filled with rejected veggies inspires an online frenzy, but then Asda’s wonky veg box is no ordinary product. Simultaneously battling food waste, poor diet and stretched budgets, these bundles of ugly greens have hit a rich seam of consumer desire.

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Wonky vegetables aren’t beautiful, but at just £3.50 for a box stuffed with enough produce to feed a family for a week, they’re incredibly cheap. How so? Thanks to draconian laws dictating the appearance of veggies considered fit to be sold in supermarkets, these oddly-shaped greens are industry rejects passed on to Asda at cut prices – a boon for anyone who’s more interested in their family’s nutrition than having a perfectly straight carrot. The boxes have thus far proved a success, so could misshapen produce be the future of ethical grocery shopping?