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  • How are people staying fit while cooped up indoors?
  • How are people staying fit while cooped up indoors?
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Why are people keen to exercise under lockdown?

Zoom dance classes, living room yoga, and hour-long walks have become common activities during COVID-19 lockdown. But how much are people really focusing on fitness? Canvas8 spoke to 16 people to find out how their attitudes towards exercise have changed as a result of the pandemic.

Location North America / Northern Europe

Whether they’re looking to hone their ‘summer body’, beat a personal best, or get a regular dopamine rush, many people consider exercise a passion – while others are filled with dread by the thought of heading to a gym. But as people notice the physical and mental toll of staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everyone is paying more attention to self-care practices to help stay sane.

Before lockdown orders were introduced, the daily commute formed the basis of many people’s physical activity. Without those trips to and from work, people are moving far less than ...



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    With plans cancelled and people stuck indoors, lockdown has left many feeling bored. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. John Eastwood and Andrew Hunter, who research the psychology of boredom at Toronto’s York University, to better understand why people become bored, and how brands can help.

  • Article image How are people reacting to the impact of COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the nature of daily life, from postponing major events and shutting down entire industries to restricting the movement of billions worldwide. Canvas8 spoke to 19 people to understand how they’re coping with and adapting to these changes.

  • Article image What are Americans doing to stay fit under lockdown?

    With many Americans facing long stretches of time indoors during the COVID-19 outbreak, they’re turning to technology to keep them healthy, connected, and entertained. How are digital fitness brands and platforms and virtual trainers helping people in lockdown to stay physically active?

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    From ‘drunk yoga’ to ‘no-shower happy hour’, fitness and indulgence no longer have to be separate entities. Exercising is not enough – people want to create a social event out of their workouts. With more choice than ever when it comes to fitness, what are the factors driving this Gen Y-led trend?