Why are people mixing exercise with indulgence?
24 Jan 2019
Why are people mixing exercise with indulgence?

From ‘drunk yoga’ to ‘no-shower happy hour’, fitness and indulgence no longer have to be separate entities. Exercising is not enough – people want to create a social event out of their workouts. With more choice than ever when it comes to fitness, what are the factors driving this Gen Y-led trend?

Eli Walker

Eli Walker is a New York-based yoga teacher, actress and the founder of Drunk Yoga, Vinoyasa and Coffee Yoga. She also runs yoga retreats and puts on one-woman shows.

Josh Leve

Josh Leve is founder and CEO of the Association of Fitness Studios, which has 13,000 members and 60 industry partnerships across the US. He has worked in the fitness industry for more than a decade where he has experience in managing health clubs and consulting for boutique studios.

Miranda Bryant

Miranda Bryant is a writer based in New York.