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  • What’s making domestic life blissful for Gen Yers?
  • What’s making domestic life blissful for Gen Yers?
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Why are Gen Yers spending so much time at home?

American Gen Yers are increasingly spending their leisure time at home, ditching nights out at bars and restaurants for dinner parties with friends and indulgent self-care rituals. Why are so many members of this cohort embracing a homebody lifestyle, and what might it take to attract them outside?

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What do Gen Yers in the US – whose spending power is surging as they enter their 30s and 40s – get up to on an average night? The simple answer is (often) not much. According to the 2017 American Time Use Survey, the average person aged 21-36 spends nearly nine hours per day in bed, 1.5 hours doing routine household tasks, and almost three hours relaxing within their four walls – leaving relatively little time after work and the daily commute to socialize out of home. [1] Instead, many young Americans are choosing to spend ...



  • Article image How are Gen Yers planning for the future?

    When pay day rolls around, Gen Yers save a little – but spend a lot. Impulsive spending is a key (and at times problematic) element of their identity. But as this generation begins to look towards their future roles as homeowners, parents, and pensioners, how will their spending habits adapt?

  • Article image What does the family unit mean to Gen Yers?

    Financial difficulties have led many Gen Yers to forgo home-ownership, marriage, and kids for the time being – but that doesn’t mean they’re without a rich family life. Instead of following traditional life paths, they’re embracing plants, pets, and friends to feel a sense of domestic fulfillment.

  • Article image Why is Gen Y tackling uncertainty with astrology?

    Breaking from traditional milestones, dealing with stress and an unstable economy, Gen Yers are turning to astrology to help them navigate life. But why is this forward-thinking generation using an ancient practice? And do they truly believe the stars can help them get a handle on their lives?

  • Article image Why Gen Y have become obsessed with plants

    Gen Y is embracing gardening, with growing plants and herbs indoors becoming a popular pastime for urban dwellers. Whether to boost wellbeing, bring a sense of calm to urban spaces or simply for its ease of maintenance, gardening is brushing off the soil of its previously stuffy image.