Why is Gen Y tackling uncertainty with astrology?
16 May 2019
Why is Gen Y tackling uncertainty with astrology?

Breaking from traditional milestones, dealing with stress and an unstable economy, Gen Yers are turning to astrology to help them navigate life. But why is this forward-thinking generation using an ancient practice? And do they truly believe the stars can help them get a handle on their lives?

Susan Miller

Susan Miller is a best-selling book author, web publisher and businesswoman, whose achievements in and contributions to astrology have made her an authority in her field.

Jennifer Angel

Jennifer Angel is an astrologer and intuitive consultant who is perhaps best-known for her work in New York’s Daily News, with a following of more than one million readers.

Glenn Perry

Glenn Perry has been a professional astrologer since 1975 and is a board member of the International Society for Astrological Research.

Zana Wilberforce

Zana Wilberforce is a writer based in London, specialising in culture and travel. Roland Barthes is one of her favourite essayists and she particularly enjoys city breaks brimming with activities.