4 Jun 2019
What does the family unit mean to Gen Yers?

Financial difficulties have led many Gen Yers to forgo home-ownership, marriage, and kids for the time being – but that doesn’t mean they’re without a rich family life. Instead of following traditional life paths, they’re embracing plants, pets, and friends to feel a sense of domestic fulfillment.

Dr. Taryn M. Graham is a research associate in the School of Social Work at York University. She holds degrees from Concordia University (BA), the University of Waterloo (MA) and the University of Calgary (PhD). Her research looks into the challenges and opportunities that cities face when it comes to sharing spaces with dogs.

Claire Ransom is the founder of Lazy Flora, an online plant subscription box service.

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills is a relationship and friendship expert and podcast host. She is also a licensed temperament therapist.

Natalie Leal is a journalist based in the UK. She holds a BSc and Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and writes about a range of subjects, including culture, society, politics, innovation, technology, and sustainability. Her work has appeared in national and local press and she can be found tweeting at @NatalieLeal_.