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  • Gen Yers are looking for alternative ways to save money
  • Gen Yers are looking for alternative ways to save money
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How are Gen Yers planning for the future?

When pay day rolls around, Gen Yers save a little – but spend a lot. Impulsive spending is a key (and at times problematic) element of their identity. But as this generation begins to look towards their future roles as homeowners, parents, and pensioners, how will their spending habits adapt?

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At the start of 2019, Anne Helen Petersen penned one of the most iconic viral articles of the year. In her piece – How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation – she describes how she has found herself in a state of ‘errand paralysis', unable to complete simple tasks like hoovering her car or dropping books off at the library.  [1] Older generations may scoff at Petersen’s polemic, but her words resonated with her peers. Gen Yers (those born between 1981 and 1996) are feeling the pinch as life becomes more expensive and wages stagnate, and it’s ...



  • Article image Better.com: mortgages made simple for first-time buyers

    Between 2019 and 2028, nearly 45 million Americans could potentially become first-time home-owners, but mortgage applications are still stuck in the past. A new wave of digital lenders is looking to disrupt the sector, with Better.com letting users get quotes and approval in minutes, not months.

  • Article image What’s stopping young adults from growing up?

    The life path that past generations took for granted is no longer possible for many Gen Yers. Faced with mounting debts, a growing number are delaying marriage, forgoing car-ownership, and moving back in with their parents. How are these changes impacting home life and society as a whole?

  • Article image How are Britons getting hitched?

    The way Britons get married is undergoing an upheaval as celebrants supplant clerics and brides opt for second-hand gowns. What’s driving couples to downsize their plans, exchange engagement tattoos, and opt for outdoor ceremonies? And how are brands supporting their new traditions?

  • Article image UnderPinned: providing a community for freelancers

    UnderPinned is a London-based support network built by freelancers for freelancers. The digital platform caters to the city’s burgeoning self-employed community by providing an accessible one-stop-shop covering every aspect of career management, from emotional wellbeing to daily admin.