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  • Are parents guilty of oversharing on social?
  • Are parents guilty of oversharing on social?
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Should I post? The science of sharenting

From the pressures of picture perfection to concerns about trolling, social media is proving to be a double-edged sword for new mums. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Alexa Fox, assistant professor of marketing at The University of Akron, to understand what drives new mums to post about their kids online.

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In April 2019, pop star Pink announced that she had received mum-shaming comments on social media that were so hateful she’d decided to stop putting family moments online. Similarly, in September 2019, Instagram influencer Mrs. Hinch received trolling messages in response to an image she had shared of her baby son. Both incidents shine a brighter light on the drawbacks of ‘sharenting’ – parents’ overuse of social media to post pictures or videos of their children. But what drives mothers to post content about, or of, their kids on social in the ...



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    Frolo: creating a single-parent community

    Raising a child as a single parent isn’t easy – carers are doing twice the work with half the resources. Enter Frolo: an app for solo mums and dads. It’s providing a safe space for like-minded parents to share experiences, swap tips, make friends, and meet up in real life.

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    What’s driving people to go private on social media?

    User confidence in social media giants has been plummeting in the wake of data privacy scandals and the rise of ‘fake news’. As a result, many are choosing to connect with like-minded individuals in micro-spaces that they believe can offer better security and a sense of community.

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    Echo Dot Kids Edition: safe learning with Amazon’s AI

    Smart speakers are fast-becoming a part of everyday life, but while adults may appreciate the convenience they offer, there are concerns about how kids use these AI assistants. Aiming to ease such worries, Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition is a child-friendly version of its Alexa-powered device.

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    Is Instagram a positive platform for new mums?

    With more than 90% of US mums using Instagram at least once a week, parents are certainly active on Insta. But what emotional impact is it having? We reached out to four experts to understand how scrolling through squares and Stories can be a positive (and negative) experience for new mums.