Is Instagram a positive platform for new mums?
28 Mar 2018
Is Instagram a positive platform for new mums?

With more than 90% of US mums using Instagram at least once a week, parents are certainly active on Insta. But what emotional impact is it having? We reached out to four experts to understand how scrolling through squares and Stories can be a positive (and negative) experience for new mums.

Nicola Kemp

Nicola Kemp is the trends editor of Campaign magazine. She won The Women in Marketing Journalist of the Year Award 2017 for her work championing diversity in the creative industries. She has a two-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son and is always on the look-out for new feminist fairytales to add to their ever-increasing book collection.

Dr Katherine Kessler

Dr Katherine Kessler is an adult psychiatrist with a fellowship in women’s mental health. She is currently in private practice in Portland, Maine and uses a combination of therapy, medication management and integrative medicine to partner with her patients in achieving wellness.

Sophie Thomas

Sophie Thomas is the founder of BornGloryUs, a marketing consultancy for brands that want to connect meaningfully with female consumers.

Jen Fuller

Jen Fuller is the founder of Etta Loves, which sells sensory baby muslins designed with science to support babies' visual development.

Jo Allison

Jo Allison is the head of content at Canvas8. She has a background in fashion journalism and 15 years of experience working in B2B publishing. A member of the senior leadership team, Jo joined Canvas8 over eight years ago to develop the membership offer. Before heading up the Library, she was an editor at a retail trends consultancy, where she specialised in luxury shopper behaviours. A mum of two and based in Sheffield, away from work, Jo can be found walking in the peaks or hunting down new clothing brands.