15 May 2019
What’s driving people to go private on social media?

User confidence in social media giants has been plummeting in the wake of data privacy scandals and the rise of ‘fake news’. As a result, many are choosing to connect with like-minded individuals in micro-spaces that they believe can offer better security and a sense of community.

Rebecca Herold has over 25 years of IT, information security, privacy experience. She is the CEO of The Privacy Professor consultancy and president of SIMBUS, LLC Information Security, Privacy & Compliance cloud services. She has authored 19 books and contributed to hundreds of other books and articles.

Matthias Mehner is a coach for digital communication. After several years as a social media expert, he is now fully committed to the subject of messenger communication. As the chief marketing officer at MessengerPeople, he promotes the potential of messaging apps and chatbots for companies and brands.

Michelle Kennedy is the CEO and co-founder of motherhood app Peanut. Before that, she was deputy CEO at Badoo and played an integral role in the launch of dating app Bumble.

Meaghan Beatley is a journalist based in Barcelona. She has written for The Guardian, Vice, The New Statesman and National Geographic, among others.