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  • How can Eastern ideas improve the high street experience?
  • How can Eastern ideas improve the high street experience?
    Chris JL, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Celestine Eleven: a luxury boutique for the body and mind

From yoga turning into a $27 billion industry to mindfulness going mainstream, Eastern ideas of wellbeing are becoming a part of Western daily lives. Celestine Eleven now hopes to bring spirituality to the high street as a hybrid spa and luxury retailer, but can a store sell personal enrichment?

Location United Kingdom

From yoga becoming a $27 billion industry to apps like Headspace making mindfulness mainstream, Eastern ideas of bodily and mental wellness are becoming a part of daily lives in the West. [1][2] And while hotel meditation retreats aren’t a particularly new idea, Shoreditch-based Celestine Eleven is bringing spirituality to hectic high streets as a hybrid apothecary and luxury retailer.

Celestine Eleven launched in 2013 and in just two years has built a strong client base that includes influential lifestyle bloggers and creative industry professionals. The shop floor features a mixture of high-end contemporary ...



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