Why we want our hotels to be healthy
10 Nov 2014
Why we want our hotels to be healthy

In 2014, 17 million travellers were health and wellness focused, and 40% of them travel regularly. In response, hotel chains are focusing on wellness with extras like eco-friendly products and upgraded gyms. But in an industry built on indulgence, how can they get the balance right?

Isobel Diamond

A specialist sustainability writer within the travel and design industries, Isobel has written for a broad range of national and international titles including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast Traveller. She brings particular expertise in consumer behaviour and trends within luxury and eco-travel and sustainable design, and has worked with luxury and travel brands as a consultant. She has written consumer behaviour reports on topics including 'how airlines can help consumers fly green' and the habits of high net-worth individuals.