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  • Blogging has never been more fashionable
  • Blogging has never been more fashionable
    F*Hits (2015) ©

F*Hits: shopping with your Brazilian blogger BFF

You may not have heard of Camila Coehlo, Mariah Bernardes or Denise Gebrim. But they’re big in Brazil, as part of a 26-strong fashion blogger collective named F*Hits. Cumulatively they draw more than five million unique visitors a month. These women are putting Brazilian luxury on the map, but what is the appeal?

Location Brazil

Blogging is big business. 18.9 million women worldwide write blogs and billions more follow them. Topics range from photography to motherhood, but fashion and beauty consistently top the charts. Top personal style bloggers earn upwards of $50k per month, as their opinions prove immensely powerful primers for brands’ audiences worldwide. [1] [2]

Brazil’s luxury market is set to grow 30% by 2018. Top-tier growth in the exclusive fashion and beauty industries has stimulated a response calling for greater accessibility. This context has produced a collection of style bloggers with both vibrancy and vocality; ...



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