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  • Young adults are increasingly demanding more transparency
  • Young adults are increasingly demanding more transparency
    Darwin Yamamoto, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Greenhouse: Millennials coding for a transparent government

Less than 20% of Americans trust the government. Gen Y is demanding that authorities are transparent and accountable. Greenhouse, a plugin created by a 16-year-old, aims “to shine light on a social and industrial disease of today: the undue influence of money in our Congress.”

Location North America / Northern Europe

Open. Transparent. Accountable. All of these are typical buzzwords we hear in the political and corporate dialect – and Millennials are just one group in the US that’s demanding to hear them more often. Unsurprisingly, social media and smartphones are one key way they’re going about this. Greenhouse is one of a line of online applications that promote greater government transparency. But what’s driving this generation to use technology for political reasons?





  • Shoppers will pay 16% more for ethical goods Shoppers will pay 16% more for ethical goods

    Academics from NYU’s business school undertook a study to pinpoint how much more people are willing to pay for socially responsible products. The answer? 16%. They also found that consumers prefer products that benefit people, before the environment or animals.

  • Article image Why are young people only political on Facebook?

    Young Brits are politically minded. 70% think social media should be used for social change, and a quarter are highly knowledgable about politics. Yet only 12% would definitely vote in a general election. Why are they so disillusioned? And is engaging via social media the answer?

  • Is politics the new 'cool' in India? Is politics the new 'cool' in India?

    In an attempt to quantify political debate in one of the world's largest democracies, Twitter India has collaborated with TCS for the iElect app. A combination of big data, social media and mobility is helping to make sense of a discussion which involves more than 800 million voters.

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