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  • Brazilians want quality as well as quality when it comes to drinks
  • Brazilians want quality as well as quality when it comes to drinks
    Alexandre Ferreira, Creative Commons (2009) ©

Brazil explores new drinking heights

When it comes to drinking, Brazilians thirst for quality as well as quantity. They’re consuming more alcoholic drinks than ever, and becoming more adventurous in their choices. As the industry continues to grow, what does the beer – and cachaça – taste like at the top?

Location Brazil

When it comes to drinking, Brazilians thirst for quality as well as quantity. They’re consuming more alcoholic beverages than ever, but also becoming more adventurous with their choices. Beer, wine, whisky, vodka and cognac are increasingly finding their way into a market once dominated by industrial lager and cachaça – the Brazilian white rum derived from local sugar cane, and caipirinha’s signature ingredient. “Consumers are more sophisticated,” says Humberto Ribeiro, director of specialty beer shop chain Mr. Beer. And as such, he argues, they want more choices. [1]




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    Carnival is the most important festival in Brazil, where it's eagerly awaited all year long. During 2014's festivities, pop culture and current events rose to the fore, reflecting the reality of Brazil’s post-economic boom and the social unrest spreading across the country.

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    As pressure mounts for young Brazilian professionals, can ‘slow drinks’ – the antithesis of Red Bull – really relieve the stress? And what can their sudden popularity reveal about the broader attitudes towards work, play and daily life?

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    Are the young Brazilians taking part in social phenomenon rolezinhos just trouble-making delinquents? We sent digital anthropologist Luana Kaderabek to explore this new social class.

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    There's a renaissance in craft brewing, fuelled by the thirst of a new breed of drinker. A growing tribe of 'beer hunters' are looking beyond the ordinary, and searching for something more.


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