Why are young Indians leaning into homegrown beauty?
3 Jun 2024
Why are young Indians leaning into homegrown beauty?

India's booming youth demographic is propelling a surge in demand for homegrown beauty products, emphasising transparency and a fusion of age-old rituals with modern science. This marks a significant departure from the previous generation’s reliance on home remedies and global brands.

Sneha Mankani

Sneha Mankani is an independent beauty editor and brand consultant with more than 12 years of experience in the industry. She balances crafting deep-dive editorial pieces for publications like Business of Fashion, Vogue, Byrdie, The Voice of Fashion, and Harper's Bazaar and partnering with brands to shape their narrative through strategic and thoughtful storytelling. She previously held the title of beauty editor at Vogue India.

Anjan Sachar

Anjan Sachar is an award-winning beauty editor, experience curator, and brand consultant with a decade of editorial experience, writing for publications in India and overseas. She has previously worked with Elle India and Vogue India. She's the founder of The Red Lipstick Club, an online community where she shares her take on beauty products and services worth investing in. Under this banner, she also hosts pop-ups and curates events with brands across beauty and food and beverages.

Dhvani Solani

Dhvani Solani is an independent writer, editor, and brand strategist who keeps one eye on the cultural developments and changing behaviours unfolding in India and another eye on her puppy. Her essays, profiles, and trend forecasts have appeared in VICE, GQ, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar, and Hindustan Times. She is the co-author of Run! (Hachette India) and helps develop branding, identity, and strategy for clients in the fashion, interiors, F&B, and lifestyle spaces.