How Southeast Asia became a melting pot for digital nomads
26 Feb 2024
How Southeast Asia became a melting pot for digital nomads

Remote work has spread over the last 10 years, allowing many professionals seeking flexibility and comfort to try working from anywhere. Known as digital nomads, remote workers who live in Southeast Asia (SEA) aim to earn the most they can while affording luxury where it’s much cheaper.

Luke Coupland

Luke Coupland is a property developer and consultant at TIBA Living. Originating from the UK, he has been actively involved in the digital nomad scene of Bali over the last three years.

Idil Syawfi

Idil Syawfi is a lecturer at Parahyangan Catholic University and the director of the Parahyangan Center for International Studies (PACIS). His extensive background in international relations, specifically foreign policy and strategic studies, has led to various activities related to security sector reformation in Indonesia. He also has multiple publications in academia over his career in the last decade.

Felicia Melody

Melody is a writer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. With a background in international relations and media, Melody mostly writes about lifestyle, culture, and human interest. Some might say she’s all over the place, but really she’s just everywhere. Their pieces have covered anything from F&B, fashion, beauty, nightlife, and others; you can find her work on Vice and The Jakarta Post.