12 Jul 2023
How are ‘workations’ reshaping work-life balance?

Remote and flexible work conditions are steadily becoming the norm, but the emergence of ‘workation’ is about to reframe this arrangement even further. With working individuals desiring a more nomadic lifestyle for themselves and their families, how can brands tap into this shift?

Nick Taranto is the founder and chairman of non-alcoholic beer alternative Hop WTR and co-founder of online education platform Ever Scouts.

Lucy Alexandra Spencer is the founder and director of bespoke alternative tutoring company Education Boutique.

Rekha Magon is co-founder and education lead at family workation company Boundless Life.

Luke Haynie is the founder and president of the boutique recruitment company Qualified and Co.

Pieter Manden is co-founder and MD of business travel and workation management platform WorkFlex.

MaryLou Costa is a freelance writer fascinated by the future of work, especially changes that advance women’s careers. She has written for the BBC, Red, Women’s Health, The Times, WorkLife, Insider, Stylist, The Evening Standard, and others.