A Cultural Snapshot of South Korea: 2024
2 Jan 2024
A Cultural Snapshot of South Korea: 2024

Why do Korean young adults spend on luxury items and experiences they can’t afford? How does their desire for personal freedom – including their disinterest in marriage and children – reconcile with the country’s traditional collectivist culture? This Cultural Snapshot uses local stats to explore the behavioural norms shared by people in South Korea in 2024.

Kim Seong-kon, PhD

Kim Seong-kon, PhD, is a professor emeritus at Seoul National University and a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College. He is an academic, literary critic, film critic, columnist, editor, and writer.

Michele Ross

Michele Ross is a freelance writer specialising in wellness and culture. She studies and writes about Korean topics at large, ranging from K-pop and entertainment to K-beauty, food, gender, and travel.