Unpacking South Korea’s newfound love of plant-based food
4 Aug 2023
Unpacking South Korea’s newfound love of plant-based food

South Korea is significantly shifting towards sustainable consumption and plant-based food options, driven by awareness of climate change, animal welfare, and health. Gen Y and Z are leading this trend, seeking healthier, planet-friendly alternatives. How can brands cater to this growing demand?

Shaan Shetty

Shaan Shetty is a second-generation restaurant owner, born and raised in Mumbai. Via a passion for good food and hospitality, he has developed a keen appreciation for global flavours, alongside a desire to create memorable dining experiences for others.

Rinchen Angchuk

Rinchen Angchuk is the CEO and MD of the award-winning eateries Heng Bok Korean Restaurant and Kofuku, with over seven branches in major cities. He realised his passion for bringing Korean cuisine to India and has the knowledge and appreciation for different cultures globally. In order to ensure he gives his customers an authentic taste and experience, he travels to South Korea and Japan extensively.

Pari Bajoria

Pari Bajoria is a trend forecaster, cultural strategist, editor, and writer, with a background in fashion and lifestyle. She uses her skills to analyse global markets and tap into human behaviour through cultural research and is passionate about helping businesses stay ahead of the curve by analysing key trends and translating them into actionable insights. She believes that understanding cultural forces and using trends to foster positive changes is of utmost importance.