Who are Gen Z’s gender traditionalists?
27 Sep 2022
Who are Gen Z’s gender traditionalists?

While Gen Z are the most fluid and diverse generation in history, it’s also true that some are reacting against the shift toward openness by entrenching gender binaries and performing exaggerated versions of gender norms. So who are the Gen Zers going against the generational grain?

Professor Catherine Rottenberg

Professor Catherine Rottenberg is an associate professor in American and Canadian studies at the University of Nottingham. She spent a decade as a faculty member in the department of foreign literatures and linguistics and gender studies at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

Dr. Nyx McLean

Dr. Nyx McLean is an academic and researcher specialising in gender, sexuality, digital counter/publics, and communities. Dr. McLean holds a PhD from Rhodes University, their thesis was a post-structuralist anti-racist queer feminist study that interrogated Joburg Pride in the context of post-apartheid South Africa.

Kate Bernot

Kate Bernot is a US-based reporter and editor with a decade of experience in magazine, newspaper, and online publishing. She specialises in beer culture, and has written on the topic of gender essentialism in alcohol marketing.

Adrienne Matei

Adrienne Matei is a journalist for publications including the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, The Globe, and The Guardian. She writes about the intersection of online and offline culture from Gen Zer Tik Tok trends to the digital afterlife.