How has the pandemic shaped Gen Z’s career choices?
20 Sep 2022
How has the pandemic shaped Gen Z’s career choices?

The pandemic and climate emergency are impacting Gen Zers’ career choices. From record numbers applying to study nursing and many pursuing environmental or STEM courses to those planning to quit their jobs for ones aligning with their values, what’s driving this seismic career shift?

Dr. Melissa Venable

Dr. Melissa Venable is an education advisor and principal writer for BestColleges where she leads a research initiative reporting trends in online education, student demographics, and career planning. She is also an adjunct instructor at Saint Leo University and a certified career coach with experience in career development services.

Steve Mowforth

Steve Mowforth is a professional development consultant in Coventry University Careers Service and has conducted research exploring the career conceptions of Gen Z students at Coventry University.

Anna Foden

Anna Foden is a Manchester-based writer. She studied Japanese, politics and sociology and writes on culture and business trends. She can often be found in a cinema watching a biopic or Star Trek.