What’s driving the reskilling revolution in the US?
14 Jul 2022
What’s driving the reskilling revolution in the US?

Americans are immersing themselves in an online learning revolution, as upskilling and reskilling becomes a priority for employers and employees in a bid to make themselves more resilient to the ongoing skills gap. So what’s driving millions to gain new skills through online courses?

Yardenne Assa

Yardenne Assa is the CEO and co-founder of Unboxable, a data-driven platform that gives companies an extensive report on how compatible a candidate is with a role and the overall culture.

Julie Lammers

Julie Lammers is senior vice president of government relations and advocacy at American Student Assistance.

Katie Waldron

Katie Waldron is PR and communications manager at micro-influencer platform Statusphere.

Latisha Carter

Latisha Carter is head of partner at accounting software firm Xero.

Heather Black

Heather Black is CEO and founder of Supermums, a training partnership with Salesforce to upskill working mothers.

Rafael Maldonado

Rafael Maldonado is Nike’s director of digital commerce partnerships for Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Des Bishop

Des Bishop is group head of people development at Hiscox.

MaryLou Costa

MaryLou Costa is a business writer covering the future of work, in particular changes that advance women's careers and gender equality in the workplace. Her work has been featured in The Times, The Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Observer, Insider, Sifted, Stylist, WorkLife, Secure Futures, Reasons to be Cheerful, Catalyst, Marketing Week, UNLEASH, and others. She was shortlisted for Best New Freelancer at the IPSE 2021 Freelancer Awards. She is an experienced panel moderator and has appeared on Times Radio, the BBC, and Sky News as an expert commentator. She publishes a newsletter, ‘Your Best Work Life’, on advancing women in the workplace.