How are pets influencing homes and living spaces?
3 May 2022
How are pets influencing homes and living spaces?

Americans are spending more on their four-legged friends than ever before, with expensive dog food, high-design spaces, and ‘barkitecture’ becoming more popular. As many new homeowners take their pets into account when purchasing property, how is pet ownership affecting our homes and living spaces?

Jennifer Beeston

Jennifer Beeston is the SVP of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate Mortgage. She is in the top 1% of mortgage originators in the country and educates about mortgages and the home-buying process on YouTube.

Jack Pinard

Jack Pinard, COO at Summit Buys Houses, is the co-founder of the Summit RE Group LLC in New England, overseeing their acquisitions and renovations. He’s a veteran of the residential home renovation world who’s been featured in, Thrive Global, and Authority magazine, among others.

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is the founder and CEO of Catastrophic Creations. A serial entrepreneur and two-time graphic design school dropout, Mike taught himself how to design and build functional, modern cat furniture through rigorous trial and error. His two cats Bronson and Heisenberg helped too.

Billy Flurry

Billy Flurry is the founding owner of Dexter’s Luxury Pet Furniture and a designer specializing in custom, luxurious, and ornate works of art. He has hand-crafted everything from a custom-designed yacht to the stunning kennels you see at Dexter’s LPF.

Hope Reese

Hope Reese is a freelance journalist based in Budapest whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Vox, The Atlantic, and other publications.