7 Apr 2022
What’s stopping new dads from taking paternity leave?

The gender pay gap is a significant barrier to workplace equality, one that’s fueled by childcare norms that harm women’s earning power and discourage men from taking time off. So, how can employers promote family-friendly cultures that help new dads feel confident enough to take paternity leave?

Vic Drabicky is the founder and CEO of New York-based consultancy firm January Digital.

Tom Pepper is the senior director for EMEA and LatAm at LinkedIn.

Jeremy Swift is the CEO and founder of San Diego-based digital marketing company Cordial.

Nik Nagarkar is an award-winning grime artist, musician, and presenter.

Matthew Weiner is the chief creative officer at Chicago-based retail marketing agency Arc Worldwide.

Devin Hughes is the executive vice president for Ohio-based Geben Communications.

Ben Richmond is the US country manager for accounting software company Xero.

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