How can men be encouraged to chat about health?
26 Nov 2019
How can men be encouraged to chat about health?

From their outward appearance to inner bodily functions, many men struggle to talk to others about how they’re doing. Canvas8 spoke to three experts about how charities and brands can promote open conversations among men about physical and mental health, thereby improving their wellbeing.

Olivia Burns

Olivia Burns is the associate director of communications at Prostate Cancer UK, where she has led the charity through the development and adoption of a bold rebrand and has launched a number of successful national campaigns.

Paul Mitcheson

Paul Mitcheson is the global marketing director for cause and brand promotion at the Movember Foundation.

Dr. Liberty Barnes

Dr. Liberty Barnes is a medical sociologist and ethnographer who studies how popular cultural beliefs shape American medicine.

Abi Buller

Abi Buller is the editorial assistant at Canvas8, which specializes in behavioral insights and consumer research. She holds a degree in Creative Direction for Fashion from the University of the Arts London. Outside of work, you'll find her wandering around art galleries, practising yoga and seeking out new pastel-coloured garments to add to her collection.