What do America’s new suburbanites want?
7 Mar 2022
What do America’s new suburbanites want?

The mounting cost of city living is pushing a growing number of urban-dwelling Americans to explore a move outside the concrete jungle. But will a shift to the suburbs provide the holistic sense of satisfaction that people crave? And what does the modern suburban community look like?

Jason Diamond

Jason Diamond is an author, editor, speaker based in Brooklyn, New York. His 2020 book, The Sprawl: Reconsidering the Weird American Suburbs, changes the traditional suburb narrative. He posits that the suburbs are not blocks of sameness but rather that they are the home of truly American art.

Lori Winick

Lori Winick is a licensed realtor in New York. Prior to real estate, she worked for many years in marketing and public relations, consulting Fortune 500 companies. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Lori has an MBA in finance and was inducted into Halstead Real Estate’s Platinum and Gold Circles.

Alexandra Pucciarelli

Alexandra Pucciarelli is a writer/archivist based in New York. She has written for Tablet Magazine, Blood + Milk, and Brooklyn Magazine. Her research interests range from popular culture to disability rights and archival ethics.