6 Jan 2022
How does Y2K beauty reflect creative culture online?

Y2K aesthetics have re-emerged into the beauty mainstream, largely due to TikTok trends and influencers. But why exactly are young social media users obsessing over retro accessories and make-up looks? And how does this interest reflect Gen Z’s approach to digital creativity in beauty and beyond?

Geraldine Wharry is a fashion futurist, public speaker, educator, and designer with 20 years of experience working across the fashion industry. Her work has been implemented with global leaders and has influenced agencies and brands in areas as diverse as fashion, sport, PR, tech, beauty, retail, innovation, and youth culture in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Alex Peters is a journalist specialising in beauty, wellness, and body politics and has been a part of Dazed Beauty since its founding in 2018. She has contributed pieces to Vogue, The Face, AnOther Magazine, Sentimental Journal, Service95, and Season Zine.

Günseli Yalçinkaya is a writer, freelance editor, and digital assistant at Dazed Digital. Born in Istanbul and raised in the UK, her work sits at the intersection of visual arts, music, and internet culture, with interviews including Björk, Chloe Sevigny, Studio Ghibli, and Werner Herzog. Her long-reads on hyperpop and digital euphoria are featured in Dazed's winter and spring/summer 2021 issues.