2022 Expert Outlook on Beauty
6 Dec 2021
2022 Expert Outlook on Beauty

How is skincare helping people destress? What’s driving the mass shift towards clean and ethical beauty? How is the industry attempting to decolonise its practices? In this part of the 2022 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are seeking new meaning in beauty rituals.

Shannon Peter

Shannon Peter is the beauty director at Stylist and a freelance beauty copywriter and brand consultant.

Carmen Alvaro Jarrín

Carmen Alvaro Jarrín is an associate professor of anthropology at College of the Holy Cross. They are the author of The Biopolitics of Beauty: Cosmetic Citizenship and Affective Capital in Brazil, which explores the eugenic underpinnings of raciological thought among plastic surgeons as well as the aesthetic hierarchies of beauty that condense race, class, and gender inequalities in Brazil. They are also co-editor of two edited volumes, Precarious Democracy: Ethnographies of Hope, Despair, and Resistance in Brazil, and Remaking the Human: Cosmetic Technologies of Body Repair, Reshaping, and Replacement.

Shabana Ebrahem

With over 15 years of experience mapping cultural shifts and trends, Shabana Ebrahem helps brands better contextualise contemporary lifestyle and wellbeing narratives. She's a trusted industry advisor, idea curator, practitioner, and educator, skilled in trend application, research, and cultural insight. Ebrahem has designed and led pivotal foresight and market intelligence projects for leading brands in the UK and globally across industries, including beauty, supplement health, consumer electronics, and retail – making her a go-to specialist for several leading companies.

Sabrina Faramarzi

Sabrina Faramarzi is an international journalist, trend analyst, and data storyteller. Her work explores patterns across sociocultural phenomena through a future-focused lens, with an interest in new media development and storytelling innovations. Faramarzi has worked and written for publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue Business, Wired, and VICE, and has helped brands such as Google, Meta, Airbnb, Lush, Tempur, Regus, and GSK to create relevant content for their audiences. She founded Dust in Translation, a boutique creative storytelling agency helping organisations build and produce innovative, data-driven content and communications strategies.