3 Aug 2020
Why is nostalgia the future for beauty products?

As anxieties around COVID-19 have segued into a deeper and more consistent malaise, a longing for simpler times has caused some people to reshape everyday behaviours around comforting goods and long-established rituals. How is this sense of nostalgia impacting beauty and wellness habits?

Ed Currie is the founder of Akt London, a premium deodorant brand.

Rachael Gibson is an editor with ten years of experience writing about the hair industry. She runs The Hair Historian, an Instagram account combining her passions for art and hair history.

Stevie MacKenzie-Smith is a writer covering culture, trends, and fashion, and co-hosts Layers, a podcast about how we dress. She has written for Kinfolk, Dazed, AnOther, Vice, and Port Magazine, as well as writing branded copy for Givenchy, Unilever, and Net-A-Porter. Prior to going freelance, she was a copywriter at R/GA London.