2022 Expert Outlook on Luxury
22 Dec 2021
2022 Expert Outlook on Luxury

How can the rental and resale market scale for global nuances? What can brands do to integrate themselves into everyday life? How are diamonds being made more accessible to younger shoppers? In this part of the 2022 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the changing world of luxury.

Pamela Danziger

Pamela Danziger is an internationally recognised luxury market expert, author, and speaker who has specialised knowledge of the world's most influential consumers. A former recipient of the Global Luxury Award, she has also been named one of Luxury Daily's 'Women to Watch'. She's the author of ten books, including Meet the HENRYs: The Millennials that Matter Most for Luxury Brands. As a senior Forbes.com contributor, she writes on the broader retail market with a special emphasis on consumer trends and innovative retailers that are leaning into them.

Clare Adler

Clare Adler is the founder of Claire Adler Luxury PR and a former luxury journalist for the Financial Times and other publications.

Dr. Dina Khalifa

Dr. Dina Khalifa is an experienced academic in luxury branding and marketing.

Izzy Wharton

Izzy Wharton is a senior strategist, trend forecaster, editor, and futures consultant with expertise in sustainability and innovation in design. Committed to re-imagining systems and structures, she's worked across multiple sectors with some of the world’s best-known brands on research and strategy projects as well as insights content.

Sabrina Faramarzi

Sabrina Faramarzi is an international journalist, trend analyst, and data storyteller. Her work explores patterns across sociocultural phenomena through a future-focused lens, with an interest in new media development and storytelling innovations. Faramarzi has worked and written for publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue Business, Wired, and VICE, and has helped brands such as Google, Meta, Airbnb, Lush, Tempur, Regus, and GSK to create relevant content for their audiences. She founded Dust in Translation, a boutique creative storytelling agency helping organisations build and produce innovative, data-driven content and communications strategies.