17 Aug 2021
Can hedonistic lifestyles exist in a sustainable world?

With the need for drastic climate action more apparent than ever, people’s lifestyles choices are coming under intense scrutiny. Is it possible to live in comfort and luxury in a way that minimises harm to the planet? Proponents of ‘hedonistic sustainability’ believe it can be done.

Dr. Patrick Rynne is a marine scientist and outdoor industry businessman. While completing a PhD in applied marine physics, he founded the clothing company Waterlust as a science communication project. Waterlust creates versatile and environmentally responsible apparel that advocates for and funds the research of threatened aquatic species and ecosystems.

Jason McLennan is a designer, consultant, and thought leader. A recipient of the Buckminster Fuller Prize for socially responsible design, he is also an Engineering News-Record Award of Excellence winner – one of the only individuals in the architecture profession to have won the award. He is CEO of McLennan Design and provides consultancy to sustainable construction firm Nexii.

Adrienne Matei is a journalist for publications including the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, The Globe, and The Guardian. She writes about the intersection of online and offline culture from Gen Zer Tik Tok trends to the digital afterlife.