Why anime’s sensory escapism is perfect for Gen Z
30 Nov 2021
Why anime’s sensory escapism is perfect for Gen Z

Fans of Japanese anime often rave about the storylines, action scenes, and musical scores. But for a growing number of Gen Zers, one of the main draws of these films and series is the food. Why are they craving inedible cuisine? And what can brands learn from this niche interest gone mainstream?

Dr. Giulia Poerio

Dr. Giulia Poerio is a clinical psychologist and lecturer at the University of Essex. Her research focuses on emotion and wellbeing, particularly the relationship between cognition and emotion. She works at the intersection of psychological disciplines, including cognitive psychology, affective science, neuroscience, clinical, and social psychology.

Kiera Wright-Ruiz

Kiera Wright-Ruiz is a food writer, author, and recipe developer who’s written extensively about the food in Studio Ghibli films.

Inga Lam

Inga Lam is a senior video producer at BuzzFeed, creating highly engaging content showcasing the intersection of food, identity, and culture, in addition to producing K-pop content on BuzzFeed Celeb. She is now also one of the co-leads and talents behind a new BF channel, About To Eat, to further explore the world of food through their unique perspectives. Currently, she has produced some of BuzzFeed Video and Tasty’s most viral hits, with over 700 million views across her videos, as well as producing videos on her own channel.