How is decentralized culture changing style?
16 Feb 2021
How is decentralized culture changing style?

The fashion world was upheaved by COVID-19 as people reexamined their buying habits and switched up the ways they participated in culture. How might a decentralized approach to influence impact style? And how can brands respond to the shopping habits of younger generations?

Elizabeth Cline

Elizabeth Cline is one of the world’s leading experts on fast fashion, labor rights, and sustainability in the apparel industry, and has been interviewed on television and radio by globally recognized news outlets including Al Jazeera, MSNBC, CGTN, CBC News,The New York Times, and NPR.

Michael Solomon

Michael R. Solomon is a thought leader in marketing and advertising. He’s a regular contributor to, where he writes about retailing, consumer behaviour, and branding, and has spoken to Fortune 500 companies, top advertising agencies, and branches of government across five continents.

Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson is editor-at-large at NSS Magazine and online editor at Twin Magazine. As a fashion journalist and creative director, his work explores political themes in and outside the fashion industry including race, gender, identity, and brand and cultural ethics.