How people came to see clothes as armour
15 Sep 2020
How people came to see clothes as armour

The concept of ‘defensive dressing’ might once have evoked images of Kelvar vests or plate armour, but in 2020, protective apparel and accessories have become commonplace as people look to minimise their exposure to COVID-19. How is a desire to stay healthy and safe impacting style choices?

Nathalie Khan

Nathalie Khan teaches fashion history and theory at Central Saint Martins and NYU London. She is a leading theorist and writer on contemporary fashion media, curation, and the impact of new technology, queer culture, and the runway show.

Ana Andjelic

Ana Andjelic is a strategy executive and author of The Business of Aspiration, which is due to be published in 2020. She earned her doctorate in sociology and has worked at the world's top brands and advertising agencies.

Billie Whitehouse

Billie Whitehouse is the CEO, designer, and director of Wearable X. She specializes in the unique combination of hardware, software, and apparel for wearable technology products.

Karinna Nobbs

Karinna Nobbs is a freelance academic and futurist. She lectures on the digitalisation of the fashion industry at institutions including the London College of Fashion, Hyper Island and Antwerp School of Management, and holds an affiliate professorship in marketing at ESCP Europe. She was also the head of strategy at creative technology agency Holition.