Feb 11, 2021
How recreational romance shapes intimacy for Gen Y

Lockdown forced many couples in the UK to spend almost all of their time together, causing some to get closer while others barely constrained their tensions. As WFH life looks set to continue in 2021, how can brands help them resolve problems and restore a sense of spontaneity and intimacy?

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Sheltering at home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has put new pressures on couples living together, forcing partners to scrutinise the health of their relationships. For some, it has cemented or accelerated their commitment, while for others, it has magnified existing problems or created new ones. According to the UK’s leading relationships charity, Relate, 61% of people surveyed in June/July 2020 said that lockdown had made them realise that relationships (whether familial, romantic, or social) are the most important thing in their lives. However, the study also suggested that younger generations have found this period harder to weather – 38% of 16- to 34-year-olds in relationships claimed they’d struggled to support their partner emotionally. [1]