How recreational romance shapes intimacy for Gen Y
11 Feb 2021
How recreational romance shapes intimacy for Gen Y

Lockdown forced many couples in the UK to spend almost all of their time together, causing some to get closer while others barely constrained their tensions. As WFH life looks set to continue in 2021, how can brands help them resolve problems and restore a sense of spontaneity and intimacy?

Simone Bose

Simone Bose works as a counsellor for Relate London North West & Hertfordshire. She is also a media spokesperson for Relate, exploring all issues around relationships and mental health.

Heinin Zhang

Heinin Zhang is a co-founder of YHANGRY, the first affordable chef platform that brings casual, restaurant-like dining to its customers and their friends. She and fellow co-founder Siddhi Mittal graduated from the Google for Startups Residency programme in February 2020, and have had to revolutionise and adapt YHANGRY’s model to a world struck by COVID-19.

Stevie Mackenzie-Smith

Stevie MacKenzie-Smith is a writer covering culture, trends, and fashion, and co-hosts Layers, a podcast about how we dress. She has written for Kinfolk, Dazed, AnOther, Vice, and Port Magazine, as well as writing branded copy for Givenchy, Unilever, and Net-A-Porter. Prior to going freelance, she was a copywriter at R/GA London.