Why TikTok is a safe space for Gen Z’s mental health
1 Feb 2021
Why TikTok is a safe space for Gen Z’s mental health

As COVID-19 increased the prevalence of mental health issues across the UK, support services – which were already under strain pre-pandemic – were stretched to their limits. How has TikTok helped Gen Z maintain their wellbeing during the crisis? And how can it supplement clinical care?

Dr. Richard Graham

Dr. Richard Graham is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and clinical lead for Good Thinking, a digital mental wellbeing service for Londoners.

Dr. Nihara Krause

Dr. Nihara Krause is a consultant clinical psychologist and lecturer in adolescent and adult mental health. She is the founder and CEO of Stem4, a charity that promotes positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them.

Alex Holmes

Alex is deputy CEO at non-profit The Diana Award, a legacy of Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world. He's also founder of the peer-to-peer support programme Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, a network of trained young people dedicated to preventing peer-on-peer violence and bullying, particularly in schools. He sits on the global safety advisory boards of several major social media and tech companies advising their approach to safety and online harms. Named Independent on Sunday's Happy List, 1 of ‘100 people who make Britain a happier place to live’, he has a keen interest in the barriers to children’s happiness and wellbeing.

Anna Foden

Anna Foden is a Manchester-based writer. She studied Japanese, politics and sociology and writes on culture and business trends. She can often be found in a cinema watching a biopic or Star Trek.