Feb 6, 2020
Are young people lacking in emotional resilience?

The term ‘snowflake’ is often used to diminish young people’s ability to handle adversity, but are Gen Yers and Zers really less emotionally resilient than older cohorts? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to understand the importance of negative emotions in developing effective coping methods.

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“You are not special. You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake. You are the same organic and decaying matter as everyone else,” said Tyler Durden to his band of pugnacious, sweaty comrades in the 1999 film Fight Club. [1] Seventeen years after the cult movie was released, the term ‘snowflake’ entered the Collins English Dictionary following high-profile campus clashes in the US, most notably between Yale students and the head of Silliman College following his wife’s defense of ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes. [2][3] Now commonly used as an insult, snowflake refers to people (Gen Yers and Zers in particular) who are easily offended and lacking in emotional resilience.