TikTok Witches and the rise of Wiccan in American life
15 Oct 2020
TikTok Witches and the rise of Wiccan in American life

Women are finding comfort, community and empowerment in alternative faiths and practices such as Wiccan and Witchcraft. How is the notion of The Witch being reclaimed by women, and how can brands tap into this identity without the clichéd wizardry?

Shaunita Cunningham

Shaunita Cunningham is a Black, disabled woman from Ohio. Currently studying a degree in forensic psychology, she discovered witchcraft at the age of 17 and has been a practicing witch for five years. She is the sixth witch in their family, with one in each generation tracing back to her great grandmother Rosa from Naples, Italy.

Renee Cyr

Renee Cyr is an MA student in religious studies at the University of Kansas. Her research interests include the cross-cultural intersections of ritual, art, and performance. In particular, she is looking at contemporary American death rituals amid the rise of atheism and secularization.

Natascha Nanji

Natascha Nanji is an artist and writer with a background in Anthropology and Fine Art. She contributes to art journals, museums and tech agencies and works with arts organisations to enhance their digital systems and communications. Natascha studied cultural criticism at the Royal College of Art and is co-editor/publisher of LAY IT ON THICK, a literary magazine orbiting themes around desire and erotics.