Apr 23, 2020
Do people want to be rescued by brands in a crisis?

COVID-19 could potentially reshape people’s shopping habits based on the way that businesses respond to the crisis. Canvas8 spoke to semiotics expert Soma Ghosh to learn how brands are honing their communications to reassure and empower audiences – and win their loyalty in the process.

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“Contemporary culture and branded culture overwhelmingly suggest that we are invulnerable and in control of our lives,” explains Soma Ghosh, a senior analyst and director at Practical Semiotics, addressing the immediate challenge facing brands as they seek to respond ‘authentically’ and impactfully to the COVID-19 crisis. “Now we’re in a time when people want community because it’s being taken away from them. People want to feel safe and they want to be useful. They’re looking to [brands] to re-situate the self-esteem and sense of belonging that many people get from going to work and hanging out with their friends.” [1]