What do German shoppers want from luxury brands?
28 Apr 2020
What do German shoppers want from luxury brands?

The shifting priorities of HNWIs and an influx of younger shoppers are causing a shift in Germany’s luxury sector. How do tradition, innovation, and ethics factor into the purchasing decisions of high-end consumers? And how can luxe brands effectively connect with digital natives?

Danielle Keller-Aviram

Danielle Keller-Aviram is a Berlin-based sustainable fashion and jewellery researcher, consultant, and designer.

Laura Satta

Laura Satta works for one of Germany's leading luxury sportive automotive companies. She delivers digital products implementing the best solutions and experiences for customers.

Rosa Crepax

Rosa Crepax is a fashion theorist, researcher, and writer based in London. After teaching at Goldsmiths and UAL, she is now a lecturer in Critical and Cultural Studies of Fashion at the University of Hertfordshire. Rosa regularly speaks at international conferences and her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, academic books, and other outlets.