What do gig workers want from fintech?
27 Apr 2020
What do gig workers want from fintech?

Gig-economy workers and the self-employed face unique financial difficulties, from building a credit score to finding flexible insurance. But how are a growing number of financial technology solutions – delivered by big banks and challengers alike – serving the needs of a growing demographic?

Garrett Cassidy

Garrett Cassidy is the co-founder and CEO of Trezeo, which is reimagining financial services for self-employed and gig-economy workers. He is a Fellow of The RSA.

Anita Forrest

Anita Forrest has more than ten years’ experience as a chartered accountant and founded Go Self-Employed, a website about self-employed money management.

Sho Sugihara

Sho Sugihara is an Entrepreneur First alumni and the co-founder and CEO of Portify, which helps independent workers budget and access credit.

Tim Slater

Tim Slater is a tech writer. With a history of working in start-up communications, he is especially interested in the sharing economy, retail, and fintech trends.