Bedroom office!? The science of working from home
16 Apr 2020
Bedroom office!? The science of working from home

As people across the globe abruptly adjust to remote working, many have faced challenges – from WiFi woes to toddler tantrums on Zoom. Canvas8 spoke to Dave Cook, an anthropologist at University College London, to better understand how people can perform their best when working remotely.

Dave Cook

Dave Cook is an anthropology researcher at UCL. His research interests include the future of work, the gig economy, remote working, globalisation, and neoliberalism and design cultures.

Louis Tozer

Louis Tozer is a senior behavioural analyst on the social sciences team at Canvas8. Trained as a social historian, he has a background in qualitative research, and after an early career spent at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade, he made the crossover into cultural insights. Outside of Canvas8, he can be found down the swimming pool, fixing his bike, or complaining to his friends.