Apr 16, 2020
Bedroom office!? The science of working from home

As people across the globe abruptly adjust to remote working, many have faced challenges – from WiFi woes to toddler tantrums on Zoom. Canvas8 spoke to Dave Cook, an anthropologist at University College London, to better understand how people can perform their best when working remotely.

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With almost 3 billion people around the world in some form of lockdown as of late March 2020, many people are being forced to work from home. That means that 66% of Americans are working remotely – up from 27% pre-COVID-19 – and in the UK, that estimate floats around 60% of the population. But with Google Trends data revealing a spike in searches for ‘how to work from home’ around the time lockdown measures were introduced, it seems many people were unprepared.