What long-term effects will COVID-19 have on Gen Alphas?
9 Apr 2020
What long-term effects will COVID-19 have on Gen Alphas?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of schools and parks, and put an end to playdates and family gatherings. With implications for Gen Alphas expected to run far deeper than changes to daily routines, Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore the effects of the crisis on children.

Laura Zimmermann

Laura Zimmermann is the founder and president of Tech Play Collaborative and a research fellow at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. She's a recognized expert in child development, playful learning, and learning from media, having published articles in both lay and peer-reviewed journals. Providing both formative and summative research, Zimmermann consults with organisations in the education and children’s media spaces. She conducts applied research with children and families in partnership with research organisations, children's media and toy companies, and edtech groups. Prior to founding Tech Play Collaborative, Zimmermann was a leading education expert at SRI International.

Dr. Maya Goetz

Dr. Maya Goetz is head of the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation and of the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation. Her work focuses on children/youth and television and gender-specific reception. She has published more than 260 articles and 15 books in the field of children, young people, and television.

Dr. Thalia R. Goldstein

Dr. Thalia R. Goldstein is an assistant professor of applied developmental psychology. Her work focuses on social and emotional skills, particularly theory of mind, empathy, and emotional control and regulation, and how such skills intersect with children's engagement in play, theatre, and other imaginative activities.

Megan Carnegie

Megan Carnegie is a journalist and editor. She has written for Courier, Time Out, Guardian Weekend, Creative Review, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, and more. Outside of work, she can be found reading, running, and killing off her houseplants.