How will COVID-19 impact long-term behaviours?
24 Mar 2020
How will COVID-19 impact long-term behaviours?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused people around the world to suddenly and drastically alter their everyday habits, but what will the lasting impact be? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore the long-term implications of the crisis on how we spend, socialise, and stay healthy.

Dr. Lisa M.Brown

Dr. Lisa M. Brown is the director of the trauma programme at Palo Alto University and an adjunct clinical professor at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. Her clinical and research focus is on trauma and resilience. She is involved in developing and evaluating mental health programmes used nationally and internationally.

Ryan Hagen

Dr. Ryan Hagen is an organisational and comparative historical sociologist studying risk and social change. He is interested in how people and institutions construct perceptions of the future, how those perceptions shape actions in the present, and how this work of anticipation influences macro-level social change.

Dr. David A. Savage

Dr. David A. Savage is an associate professor of behavioural economics at the University of Newcastle, with a primary research interest in the behavioural analysis of disasters and extreme environments, which includes man-made and natural disasters (from floods to terrorism) and high-stress work or play environments (from elite athletes to police officers).

Megan Carnegie

Megan Carnegie is a journalist and editor. She has written for Courier, Time Out, Guardian Weekend, Creative Review, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, and more. Outside of work, she can be found reading, running, and killing off her houseplants.

India Doyle

India Doyle is the editorial director of Canvas8's Library. She oversees the editorial direction of research across content types to ensure Canvas8 members understand changes in consumer behaviour and culture and the opportunities around behavioural change. India has worked as a journalist for ten years, interviewing industry and cultural leaders including Christy Turlington, Olympic boxer Ramla Ali, and Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös. She has contributed to SHOWStudio, Dazed and Confused, ekathimerini, Wonderland, and Dapper Dan magazine.