Why do our digital worlds give us mixed feelings?
27 Feb 2020
Why do our digital worlds give us mixed feelings?

Social media has the ability to send its users into a spiral of self-pity one day and transform their lives through the power of community the next. Canvas8 spoke to Sarah Raphael, co-author of Mixed Feelings, about our love-hate relationship with social media and what this means for brands.

Sarah Raphael

Sarah Rapahel is co-author of 'Mixed Feelings: Exploring the emotional impact of our digital habits' (Quadrille, September 2019) and former Refinery29 editor-at-large. She was previously deputy editor at I-D Magazine, and has written for The Guardian, Vice, Vogue, Elle, and Grazia.

Polina Norina

Polina Norina is a senior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has a background in editorial project management and copywriting, and has previously worked on New York Times bestsellers in trade publishing and international comms projects for companies like Airbus. Outside of work, you can find her learning new languages, reading non-fiction or discovering new design innovations.