How do logos colour people’s opinions of brands?
21 Oct 2019
How do logos colour people’s opinions of brands?

With the average person being exposed to thousands of ads each day – spanning social media, print, TV, and billboards – nailing visual identity has never been more important for brands. But what kind of logos are most effective at grabbing attention? And how can design be used to signal values?

Dr. Jonathan Schroeder

Dr. Jonathan Schroeder is the William A. Kern Professor of Communications at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His research focuses on the intersections of branding and visual culture.

Dr. Jonathan Luffarelli

Dr. Jonathan Luffarelli is an assistant professor of marketing at Montpellier Business School. His research interests lie in understanding the effects of brand aesthetics, brand personality, and corporate social responsibility on brand equity.

Mansoor Iqbal

Mansoor Iqbal is a writer with a background in consumer and education journalism. He is fascinated by the way brands convey their personalities and the relationships we have with them. When not writing, he can be found doodling, baking or playing the bass guitar (badly).