What do Britons want from mixers?
2 Jul 2019
What do Britons want from mixers?

The premiumisation of spirits hasn’t just made Britons more invested in drinking them, it’s also birthed a kaleidoscope of mixers. Gone are the days when own-brand tonic would do – now mixers are almost as important as the alcohol itself. So how are British drinking habits driving mixer innovation?

Melanie Arrow

Melanie Arrow is a group strategy director at BBH London. As well as Absolut, Melanie looks after Martell, Nike, and Samsung.

Zoe Burgess

Zoe Burgess is a flavour specialist and owner at Untitled Restaurant and Bar in London.

Talula White

Talula White is the founder of Sekforde, the world's first range of mixers created specifically for dark spirits. After working in advertising for 10 years, Talula's desire to find new ways to enjoy her favourite whiskies and rums led her to starting the company.

Michael Sagar

Michael Sager owns both London Sager + Wilde venues and is managing director of Fare Bar + Canteen. He recently launched independent spirits brand El Destilado, with business partner Marcis Dzelzainis of Sager + Wilde, and Alex Wolpert of the East London Liquor Company.

Lynda Cowell

Lynda Cowell is a London-based writer, web editor, and former BBC television researcher. Having written for the likes of The Voice, Pride, The Guardian, Time Out and Marie Claire, much of her work has focused on race and gender, but not exclusively. In her free time, she likes to read, drink red wine, and watch the kind of television programmes other people sneer at.